We hear a lot among believers, the words: “God bless you!”  Not just when people sneeze.  We say “God bless you!” Have you ever thought about, what in the world does that mean? The word “bless” in the Bible is the Greek word makarios.  Makarios is the word for “happy”.  It is the word for happinessTo be blessed is to be happy.  To have a blessing is to have happiness in your life.

As your Pastor, I want you: 1) God to bless your life. 2) God to bless your relationships.I want him to bless your finances, your health, and your future. So I’m extremely interested in how to receive the blessings of God. When Jesus starts his most famous sermon, the first thing he begins with, are the 8 conditions for receiving God’s blessing in your life.

This series will end on Wednesday, April 27th.
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